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Finished on 30 September 2010


The more people in a group decide to buy a particular software package the greater the discount: that's the simple yet powerful idea of a group buy. And the best thing is: softwaregroupbuy.com always offers a minimum discount to start with so you can't lose! Check out our current group buys.

Every group buy runs for two weeks, so you have enough time to watch the discount increase and join in to get your favorite software. For every person who signs up for the group buy, the final discount grows until it reaches a maximum - up to 70 percent!

As soon as the group buy closes (or when the maximum discount has been reached) you'll receive an e-mail with purchase instructions. Take a look at some <past group buys> to see how many people joined and what discounts they recieved.

Before joining a group buy, we ask you to create an account and specify your fields of interest. So whether you're into games or looking for the latest Photoshop plug-ins, you'll never miss out on our great discounts!

Create an account now! And follow us on twitter because the next group buy can be for your favorite software!